Press Release invests one million Euro into secure e-mail communication

  • Run on secure e-mail services: sees its customer base increase by 40%
  • More performance, the latest technologies, and a brand-new website
  • Users get more control over their digital heritage


Berlin, 2018-11-14 The number of customers at has increased by about 40 percent over the last three years, which could mean that users have developed an increased appetite for switching their e-mail providers. It appears that people and businesses increasingly value security and data protection when they communicate with their friends, acquaintances, informants, or business partners.

In light of these current numbers, Berlin-based e-mail pioneer expects sustained further growth, which led them to increase their investment into the latest security technologies, the development of additional services, as well as the acquisition of additional resources for their services. Founder and CEO Peer Heinlein will invest more than one million Euro to expand the services offered by the company. The money will primarily go towards increasing server and storage capacities at the German data centres where is hosting their communication services.

Things kick off in November, when reveals a new website featuring an updated brand identity and visual design. The changes are not just cosmetic, though, as some significant technological updates are being revealed alongside: is one of the first providers to run the latest version of the Open Xchange OX App Suite 7.10, which offers users an integrated e-mail, office, and groupware platform. also introduces new options for users to better manage their personal digital heritage.

The new website with its improved structure and visuals promises better usability and easier access to information for private and business customers. With the relaunch, the company is now making a move to position itself as a secure German alternative to providers such as Gmail, GMX,,, or Yahoo, some of which tend to finance their services through advertising and might be perceived as less trustworthy in matters of privacy and data protection.

Quote: Peer Heinlein, Chief Executive Officer of Heinlein Support

„We are pleased that our net growth has been up across the previous years. This is a most welcome trend, not just for our business but also more generally for the availability of secure communication alternatives in Germany: More and more users want secure and ad-free communication“, says Peer Heinlein, founder and CEO of „We are preparing for further growth by investing significant sums of money – more than we ever have in our company’s history – to set new benchmarks in those areas that represent core principles of our business, such as privacy and data protection, data economy, and free communication. will continue to be an active promoter of these principles through our work, our participation in the public debate, and our support of related projects.“

Quote: Rafael Laguna, CEO Open-Xchange

„ is one of the most innovative e-mail providers in Europe. Consequently, they are one of the first to offer their customers the features of the new App Suite 7.10“, says Rafael Laguna, CEO of Open-Xchange. „How implements the latest security technologies and special features to provide a secure e-mail service with built-in data protection is exemplary and a model for other providers world-wide. We need experts like these to promote and preserve free communication on the Internet in the future.“

Other news at

  • Secure online office: One of the highlights is the vastly improved calendar application, which now features a mini view, better integration with external resources, and better usability overall.
  • More secure Jabber chat (XMPP using OMEMO encryption), directly embedded as a web client in the online office suite.
  • New options for managing digital heritage: Users can now specify what is supposed to happen with their account should they ever die - e.g., comprehensive data deletion or transfer to a trusted person.
  • Support for ID4me (early 2019): will be one of the first providers to offer ID4me authentication. This will allow users to log in at other websites using their account without the need for extra registration – similar to existing schemes offered by Facebook or Google, but without involving any transfer of personal data.


About has been the first provider in the world to offer e-mail accounts that are automatically PGP-encrypted. In a comparison of 15 e-mail providers, carried out by the leading German consumer organisation “Stiftung Warentest” in September 2016, won the top position. Founded in 2014, has managed to quickly establish itself as an easy-to-use service for secure e-mail communication. In addition to core e-mail functionality, their security-conscious customers also receive useful office features based on the OX App Suite, such as calendar, task management, and online text processing software, cloud storage, and a secure instant messaging solution. is a service of the Heinlein Support GmbH and based in Berlin, Germany. Peer Heinlein is the company’s founder and director and an expert in e-mail and IT security with 25 years of experience. He has been operating the political provider since 1992. JPBerlin offers secure e-mail, mailing lists, web hosting, and DNSSEC domain registration services, and so, supplies trusted digital infrastructure to security-conscious businesses and organisations like the OpenSUSE project, but also to NGOs like Attac, Doctors Without Borders, the German working group on data retention, Wikimedia, X1000malquer, and many individuals who work in an honorary capacity.



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