Transparency Report on Requests for Information Made to and by Public Authorities

We at and are keen to publish our transparency report on the requests for information made by public authorities and provide insight into the respective figures in light of current discussions about inquiries made to Internet providers. We’re pleased to say that these figures are quite unspectacular:

Number of requests made to in 2013

Total: 1
German authorities: 1
Foreign authorities: 0

Type of authority
Law enforcement agencies: 1
Intelligence services: 0

Type of request
Inventory data inquiries: 1
Request for a mailbox name for existing bank details: 0
Mailbox confiscations: 0
Traffic data inquiries: 0
LI (Lawful Interception – surveillance of a mailbox for a specified period of time): 0

Our project started in February 2014. That’s why we don’t have any figures for 2013.

Our providers and have not yet received any information requests in 2014. Throughout the company’s 25-year history, has never experienced lawful interception in accordance with the TKÜV (German Telecommunications Interception Ordinance).
If we receive requests, they are always checked by our lawyers who specialize in this area.