Software update: Create and share presentations with the cloud office

There has been a recent update of the cloud office which includes a number of usability and accessibility improvements. In addition, there is now also a new feature for creating and editing presentations online.


New feature – Presentation

The update brings a new „Presentation“ module to the cloud office, which allows users to create and edit presentations at home and on the go, as a sole user or collaboratively with colleagues or fellow students. You can access your presentations and templates from anywhere and show them directly from the cloud office in the browser window.


These are some of the key features:

  • Support for handling Microsoft Powerpoint files (from version 2007) with the original formatting remaining intact upon import
  • Master and Layout slides can be edited easily
  • Add figures and shapes to your presentation
  • Straightforward format adjustments and grouping of objects; convenient drag&drop of pictures from web pages or the local desktop into the presentation in the browser
  • Shared and collaborative editing of presentations across the Web
New feature - Presentation
Master and Layout slides can be edited easily

Improved calendar view for appointments with many attendees.

There is now an improved view in the calendar for setting up appointments that involve a large number of people. Selected attendees and their appointments can be displayed in a list, which makes it easier to consider everyone’s existing commitments and find a free slot that will suit all those to be invited.


Improvements in „Documents“

Any documents that were encrypted with GUARD can now be opened faster by entering the password just once. It is no longer required to decrypt documents individually as long as the correct password was entered once during the current session.


Shared images preview for Drive Mail

When users share files, recipients will receive an e-mail from the Drive module. We improved the usability here by giving users the option to see a thumbnail preview of the shared image.

Better usability of GUARD function

Feedback we have received from our users suggests that some of them are struggling a bit with the setup and use of encryption with their account. As a consequence, we have made some encryption features easier to use, with improved support and guidance for encrypting documents and files on the Drive..

Users can also look forward to the following advanced inbox features:

  • When composing an e-mail, click the plus-symbol within any of the recipient fields („To“, „CC“,  BCC“) to conveniently view and select one or more of your address book contacts from a list.
  • Mailing lists can now be imported and exported.