New price plans available at

Seven years after we started out with, we are now introducing a new set of price plans. By doing so, we are creating a simpler and more flexible pricing system that is easier to manage, and that also reflects many ideas and feedback received from our active user base.

  • As of today, the new price plans STANDARD, PREMIUM and LIGHT are available to all private and business customers.
  • Existing customers can choose to either remain on their old plan or switch over to a new plan.

Previously, we offered the packages „Secure Mail“, „Team Mail“ and „Office“. These came with different allowances for storage space, which were not very flexible. Our new price plans STANDARD, PREMIUM, and LIGHT have been specifically designed with the different feature and support needs of our users in mind. Additional storage capacity for mails and files on the Drive can now be added more flexibly than before.

Three e-mail packages: simple and flexible

Our STANDARD plan: The fully-featured allrounder

Our new STANDARD price plan offers a secure and ad-free communication package with e-mail, calendar, address book, online office suite, cloud storage, web chat, and video conferencing for only € 3 per month – a solution that makes data protection easy, includes groupware functionality, and supports the integration of a custom domain name. Customers choosing the STANDARD plan will receive a comprehensive package that includes all features, as well as 10 GB mail storage and 5 GB cloud storage for your data.

Introducing the new STANDARD plan has also given us an opportunity to roll out new features for our users. Right from the start, the popular „Dark theme“ will be available, as well as an increased number of aliases. Users choosing this plan can now also flexibly book additional storage capacity, as required.

Our PREMIUM plan: For those who require more extras

Get all available features plus 25 GB mail storage and 50 GB cloud storage in our PREMIUM plan for € 9 per month. This package also includes priority support and additional service options for power users. More storage space can be added to this package at a discount.

The new PREMIUM plan does not only offer improved support for customers, as helpdesk support tickets will be handled with higher priority. It also provides the necessary resources for us to offer even better service: From summer 2021, we are introducing a call-back service, where our support team will be dealing with any issues that our PREMIUM users may have directly and individually over the phone.

Our LIGHT plan: Secure e-mail at a small price

Our new plans continue to offer our basic package: secure, economical, ad-free, encrypted e-mail, with 2 GB mail storage, calendar and address book from € 1 per month. Our LIGHT price plan is ideal for those who want to use an e-mail service that is free of ads, offers our best data protection features but without most of the other extras, and limited support options. This package comes at a bargain price of € 1 per month.

New customers will always start out with a free trial in either the STANDARD or the PREMIUM plan and given the opportunity to test all features free of charge for 30 days. After the trial period, everyone can then decide for themselves which of the three plans works best for them.

Existing customers get to choose

Many who already have an account at will find that the new price plans are cheaper than their existing plan: For example, users previously required one of our “Office” packages for a minimum of € 4.50 per month to access all features of the online office – this is now available for € 3 per month in the STANDARD plan.

However, for some customers the monthly amount they need to pay may go up slightly (even though they get more for their money). As this is a consequence of the restructuring of our features and prices, nobody will be required to change if they don’t want to. Existing customers are given a choice to either switch to one of our new price plans or simply remain on their old plan, if preferred.

For example, consider the new STANDARD plan: With € 3 per month, it appears slightly more expensive than the previous “Team Mail” or “MailXL” plans which were € 2.50 per month. However, customers who pay for a full year in advance benefit from a bonus where they get 12 months but only pay for 10. That means the overall price remains the same – it actually may be less than before, because we now also cover the transaction charges for any PayPal or credit card payments, which would previously have come on top of the monthly fee.

So, all existing customers have full control: If you like one of the new plans, it is very simple to switch over. If you like your old plan better, then just stay on that plan, no problem. Please consider carefully which option works better for you. Once switched over to one of our new price plans it is not possible to go back to any of the old plans.

50% introductory discount for existing customers

Any existing customers switching plans by 31 May 2021 get a one-time special offer from us: Choose either the STANDARD plan or the PREMIUM plan and receive 24 months for the price of 12 months with the next deposit!

In effect, this means those who decide to switch early will receive a 50% discount on their monthly fee over the next two years – which will lower the monthly amount expended for the STANDARD plan to € 1.50 a month, and for the PREMIUM plan to € 4.50 a month over two years.


Our new price plans in a nutshell:

Further news and updates

No transaction charges on new plans for all payment methods

When paying your account fees for any of the new price plans, we will cover the transaction charges for any payments made via PayPal or credit card, saving you between 35 to 60 cents per transaction. Users on the STANDARD and PREMIUM plans can pay monthly, if they want, and so avoid committing to a minimum contract term. However, in order for us to be able to offer free payments in our cheapest LIGHT plan for € 1 per month as well, customers on the LIGHT plan will need to pay for a full year in advance.

Advance payment discount

Customers in the STANDARD or PREMIUM plan who pay their account fee as one annual lump sum help us to keep our prices low, and we are happy to give something back in return in the form of free bonus months and other varying benefits! Currently, if you pay for 10 months in advance, you get 2 bonus months on top for free.

Migration service for moving your mail account to us is now free

Our e-mail migration service allows users to conveniently transfer their e-mail account data and settings from another provider to This previously attracted a charge of € 3 per account. From now on, this service is included at no extra cost in our STANDARD and PREMIUM price plans. Our specialist partner audriga will stand ready to facilitate the migration of an unlimited number of e-mail accounts from any supported provider to In addition to e-mail, this includes the transfer of calendar, address books, and files on a Drive cloud storage, if supported by your previous provider. This feature can be used by any new customers moving to, even if they are still within their free trial period.

Contract duration of new price plans

Unlike the legacy packages, our new price plans are no longer based on prepaid credit. Instead, there is now a definitive contract term with a fixed end date, and the actual length is defined by the amount paid in. When switching from a legacy package to one of our new price plans, any existing credit will be automatically used as a payment and so, determine the initial end date of the contract under the new plan. We needed to make this change as the current legislation around prepaid services would have made it difficult to roll out the new plans under the old system. It is still possible to switch between plans, as any change in price will be reflected by a different end date under your new plan.




I already have a account. How can I switch to one of the new plans?

Log in as usual and visit the settings (cogwheel symbol in the upper right corner of the browser window). To switch plan, go to Settings -> -> Contract and Fees.
Please note: Once you have changed to a new price plan, it won’t be possible to go back to any of the legacy plans.

How can I access the special offer for existing customers?

After switching from your old plan to a new STANDARD or PREMIUM plan, an additional option will become available for selection on the page where you normally pay your account fees: “24 months for the price of 12 months”.

  • Switch plan here: Settings -> -> Contract and Fees
  • Select the offer here: Settings -> -> Add Credit to your Balance

This discount is only available for customers switching plans to STANDARD or PREMIUM by 31 May 2021.

I like my old price plan and would like to keep it. Do I have to change to a new plan?

No, you don’t have to switch if you don’t want to. If you prefer staying on your existing plan, there is nothing you need to do.

As an existing customer, can I still switch between the old price plans?

Yes. Existing customers can still switch between the old price plans by increasing or reducing the storage on the contract page.

Can I open a new account using an old price plan?

No, that is not possible. New accounts are only available with our new price plans.

I have a Team Mail account. Will it be possible to set up additional inboxes for this account under the new plans?

Yes, you can keep using your Team Mail account but any new inboxes need to be set up using either the PREMIUM or the STANDARD price plan.

How can I access the free e-mail migration service?

Log in to and go to Settings -> -> E-mail migration service. Click on the link to visit the audriga website and move your existing account in a few simple steps. Click here for more information about the e-mail migration service

Will future feature releases be available through any of the old plans?

Well, yes and no. Core functionality in relation to e-mail and security will always be available for everyone, including the legacy plans and the new LIGHT package – we will never make any compromises here. Other, additional functionality (much like the video conferencing feature we introduced recently) will from now on only be available with the new plans.

Is there a minimum contract term?

Users on the STANDARD or PREMIUM price plans can choose to pay either monthly, every six months, or annually, and so fully control their contractual term. Larger payments help us save costs, and we reward users by giving them extra bonus months for free when they commit to stay with us for longer. However, users who are on the LIGHT plan need to pay up for a full year, as small monthly payments would be uneconomical given the associated transaction fees (which we still need to cover), so there is in effect an annual contract term for those on the LIGHT plan.

Can I switch plan between STANDARD, PREMIUM and LIGHT?

Yes, switching between the new plans is possible. Although note that the new price plans are no longer based on pre-paid credit, meaning every payment will result in a contract term corresponding to the amount paid in. We needed to make this change as the legislation for services based on pre-paid credit is not straightforward. But that’s not a problem: When switching over to another price plan, we will simply amend the contract term accordingly, so that users who want to switch do not lose out.