New and improved features coming with our latest website update

The most recent software update delivers improvements for the full-text search tool, better usability of inbox features, and easier editing of encrypted documents that are located on the Drive online storage. Furthermore, spamfilter settings can now be customized to meet special requirements. Improvements and new features of the web interface   Intelligent full-text search The new full-text search not only allows searching the inbox contents for keywords relating to recipient, sender, and subject line but can now also parse the actual content of e-mails, as well as MS Word and PDF attachments.   E-mail improvements If presentation files are received as e-mail attachments, these can now be run directly from the e-mail window. Saving those files to the Drive or changing to the presentations menu first is no longer necessary for this. Starting a presentation directly from the e-mail window. Any e-mails left in editing mode before logout from the web interface will be automatically restored to editing mode after the next login. Upon logging in, the interface will display a pop-up window to offer restoring any open applications such as unsent e-mail drafts. Here, users can simply select a message to pick up editing where they left off last time.