protects e-mail inboxes with extra Sophos anti-virus engine

No chance for viruses, trojans, and other malware such as Locky or Petya. has put in place another line of defence for our users by protecting all e-mail inboxes with an additional layer of anti-virus software. The Sophos technology now implemented has increased the range and quality of our security measures and has further improved the reliability of our systems to detect dangerous messages. This is a system-wide upgrade which targets all kinds of malicious software, and makes sure notorious crypto-ransomware like „Locky“ or „Petya“  won’t make it into your inbox in the first place.

The enhanced virus protection is available for all users at no extra cost and is included in all account types.

New viruses have come to appear on the Web almost on a daily basis, and there is not a lot normal users can do to protect their data. We are an experienced provider of e-mail services and want to give all of our customers the best possible protection. We, therefore, decided to acquire a license from the anti-virus-software vendor Sophos to install an additional layer of protection.

Dangerous ransomware such as „Locky“ is usually distributed via spam e-mail messages. Our new Sophos engine is very advanced and detects even those virus-infected e-mails that other established scanners might miss. We are thus very pleased to have been able to significantly increase the detection quality of the existing antivirus solution in place at

There is a noteworthy difference between our solution and common desktop anti-virus software. When detects a dangerous message, it will not appear in your inbox folder and so, the risk of opening such a message by mistake is diminished and the danger to PCs, laptops, and smartphones is averted. Customers of also enjoy some protection from legal ramifications that may come from sending infected messages without noticing. Whenever such a message is detected, our systems will instantly issue a warning that it was not delivered.