Happy birthday to mailbox.org

mailbox.org just celebrated its tenth birthday How time flies! Okay, fine, so maybe it’s just been ten days, but a whole lot has happened since then. Our Doodle Video about GPG has over 6,000 views and over 4,000 users have opened an account with us. In this article, we want to provide you with another update on the different events and changes here at mailbox.org.


Regarding the error when integrating external e-mail accounts: Last Wednesday, the manufacturer of our new groupware solution released a new software version to rectify the problem. Unfortunately, we had to deactivate this option again after just a short period of time because not all of the problems had been addressed. We hope that the manufacturer will release a new error-free software version for this option over the next few days. Some users are still having problems entering their GPG key in the ‘Settings’ menu in order to activate the fully encrypted mailbox. We are working on a bugfix for this error and hopefully we will be able to solve the problem over the next few days. Invoices for payments: You will receive the PDF invoices for the payments you have made over the next few days. We will keep you informed as to any developments. We ask for your continued patience and understanding and we will be in touch as soon as new versions are available and have been tested and approved. Come check in on our ever-changing ‘Work-in-progress’ page from time to time.  

Over 1,000 support requests

Over the past few days, we have received many, many inquiries and we have attempted to address each and every one of these messages to the best of our ability. Some of these issues were very specific problems involving individual mobile devices and their particular quirks and sometimes the inquiries were related to unclear information in our instructions, which we have attempted to revise in our Help/FAQ section. In some cases, our support team made confusing statements and sometimes, because we were forced to work so quickly, we did not address your exact problem as described. We apologize for any inconvenience and ask for your patience. Our colleagues on the support team are giving it their all and doing their best to help each and every user. If we have failed to address your problem, please contact us again. But rest assured: We have read and registered all of your questions. I have personally read, re-read, and reviewed over 1,000 support inquiries and these messages have inspired a wide array of suggestions for changes and improvements, even if we were not always able to thank everyone who wrote us.  

Important new FAQ articles

We would like to inform you that we have created the following Help/FAQ articles for current support tickets:


Feature of the week: Mail extensions

Did you know that our systems support mail extensions? These are short tags that you can add to your existing e-mail address so that you can track how your e-mail address is forwarded by third parties. In addition, your mailbox can sort your e-mails into IMAP subfolders without the need for you to set up any special mail filters. Our FAQ article on mail extensions explains this process in detail.  

News about us

Last week, the German radio station Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) joined us at our offices in Berlin and broadcast a short – and in our opinion very accurate – radio story about us and the motivation behind our project. You can listen to our part of the recording. This coming Sunday, the television station ZDF is planning to report on us in a segment on the ‘sonntags’ show. With that in mind, we wish you lots of fun with our new service. Peer Heinlein and the team from mailbox.org