Data export at the touch of a button: What's new after the recent update

A main feature of the latest release 7.10.3 of our Office is the data export button. Any user can now download a file that contains their entire user data as stored on our systems, and they can do this by simply clicking on a button. The ZIP archive that will then be created for download has all the data related to e-mails, calendars, address books, files on their Drive, and task lists – and all provided using open data formats, of course, so that importing the data elsewhere is hassle-free.

The idea for creating such a simple data export feature emerged when the team attended the annual Open-Xchange (OX) conference in Rome some time ago. We are very pleased that OX has now implemented this feature at our request.

While many providers make it difficult for their users to export data from their platforms, often to create barriers for moving the data and with this, also the services to another provider („Vendor lock in“), it has always been our policy not to do this with our customers. Instead, all users are given full flexibility and control over their own data.

For technical reasons, any contract-related data (e.g. name, price plan, or billing address) are currently not included in that export file. However, the information can be retrieved via our existing GDPR „Personal Data Access“ feature in the settings.

There are many others reasons for our team to look forward to the new release 7.10.3, as this also contains a number of bug fixes. For example, some of the current issues around Apple devices and how they operate with calendars and task lists have been addressed in the new version.



  • The settings can now be found in the Office at the top right.