Bild Rettungsring Emergency: The E-Mail continuity platform

E-mail accounts for emergency scenarios. For companies that want to protect their business.


Ensure e-mail delivery during IT outages

You realise just how important smooth e-mail communication is for companies today when there is a prolonged outage. Digital communication with colleagues, customers and service providers is often essential to process orders, agreements, purchase orders and invoices efficiently and quickly. The costs for failures of the existing e-mail infrastructure can easily skyrocket and the damage to your image is enormous. You should take precautions to ensure that you remain capable of acting should the worst happen. With the e-mail continuity service from, your communication is quickly restored in an emergency.

Our emergency platform supports you in a wide variety of emergencies:

  • Technical faults (e.g. power failure or fire in the data centre)
  • Cyber attacks (e.g. ransomware attacks)
  • Security vulnerabilities (e.g. compromised existing SaaS solutions)
  • Natural disasters (e.g. flooding)


Protect yourself with e-mail continuity

In addition to secure e-mail inboxes, also offers an entire communication platform including a webmailer, calendar, address book, online office, file sharing and video conferencing. Hosted on secure servers in Germany, of course redundantly in multiple data centres. Behind is the Heinlein Group with over 30 years of experience in e-mail and IT security.

Protect your company and remain capable of acting in critical situations. With our e-mail continuity service, you are always well prepared.

How e-mail continuity works

We step in for you in an emergency and ensure that your e-mail communication continues to work. This means you don't have to worry about losing e-mails and can send and receive messages even in a crisis.


1. Preparation

  • You select the desired mailboxes for this service.
  • You can add or remove mailboxes at any time.
  • The emergency mailboxes are on standby ready to be activated.

2. Activation in an emergency

  • Activation can only be initiated by pre-defined contact persons.
  • The emergency mailboxes are activated in the event of an emergency.
  • Employees receive a text message for password assignment.

3. Write e-mails

  • Employees can access their mailbox in the webmailer and get started.
  • Incl. access to cloud storage, video conferencing and online office.

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