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No time for server administration, maintenance, or trouble-shooting? Our award-winning service is also available for business customers.

Mail- and groupware for your business Business is the optimal e-mail and communication platform for your business. Highly customizable and flexibly scalable according to your requirements. In addition to e-mail, cloud storage, and groupware our service also includes an office suite - a secure alternative to GMail and MS Office 365. Software-as-a-Service on secure serves located in Germany, with availability ensured by two redundant data centers.

Business Mail

  • Central management console
  • E-mail and Groupware
  • Online word processing
  • Cloud storage with sharing options
  • Mobile sync
  • Service & support packages
  • GDPR data processing agreements

monthly from (ex VAT)
25 €

Prices & Quote

Stay flexible

Do you have people working from different office locations, home offices, or on the go? With Business, your staff can work location- & device-independent with data provision from a single source and data centrally available in one place. This makes it easy to integrate new staff and freelance workers into existing operational processes. Just create a new inbox and the associated virtual office including messaging system will be ready to be used. Data protection compliant and secure.


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Give your staff the tools they need to be productive: Comprehensive functionality, with all data available in one place, easy to use, accessible from the office and on the go. Have more time to focus on your business - we will sort out the rest.


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Your advantages at Business

Account management, API integration, GDPR-compliant commissioned data processing agreements, moving service: Business e-mail hosting that suits all your needs.



Features of Business

Key differences between Business and our private accounts:

  • E-mail addresses use your business domain name
  • Arbitrary user groups sharing calendars, contacts, files, etc.
  • A central account management interface for all e-mail addresses and settings
  • API for user management, process integration, or your user portal
  • Billing options offer VAT deduction and Direct Debit
  • Priority support & service according to your needs - 24/7 if required
Central management & API

Stay on top of everything! As a Business Mail customer you get your own dedicated management interface and have full control over all relevant aspects of your mail hosting environment.

  • Central administration
    Use your central administration interface to manage your contract, domains, inboxes, forwarding addresses, passwords, storage space and all other account settings.

  • Allow individual settings?
    Decide to which degree your users may modify settings for spam filters, backup and storage space (Quota).

  • Group ware and user groups
    Define different user groups within your account and allocate groupware resources such as calendars, contacts, and files for easier collaborative use.

  • API for Pros
    Are you maintaining a larger environment and have individual management processes? Or would you like to offer our services to your customers as a reseller? All settings can be controlled through our API which allows integrating our system into your infrastructure.
Support & Service

Depending on your chosen service package, our support experts are available for you through the e-mail ticketing system or over the phone - in emergencies 24/7. You can choose the kind of service level that meets your requirements.

  • 2nd/3rd-level support covers any 2nd/3rd-level support required by your business or your administrator.

  • 1st-level support on request
    Would you like our experienced team to provide a 1st-level-helpdesk for your direct end-user support? Use the contact form to get in touch with our business support to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with an individual quote.

  • Dedicated contact person
    If you want to discuss anything around your contract, your dedicated contact at will always be happy to listen and advise.
Contract & Billing

As a business customer of you are always flexible:

  • Flexible contracts
    E-mail addresses can be set up and removed on a daily basis. Any tariff changes made apply immediately. You can also scale your booked storage space on short notice and will only pay for what you need.

  • Billing options for businesses
    Monthly collective VAT invoices. Direct Debit available.

  • Short notice cancellation
    We will never lock anyone into expensive annual contracts. Our customers are with us because they want to. Short notice periods are a given at
Consultation, Planning & Moving

You are unsure about what exactly your requirements are? You already have a significant body of data in the cloud and are worried things might get difficult when you move? No matter if you are currently using GMail, Office365, another hosting provider, or your own dedicated solution: Professional help is available - before, during, and after your move.

  • Support for you and your administrators
    What is possible, useful, and reasonable? As a business customer, you will have a dedicated contact person at who will answer your questions, sort out any issues, and coordinate your move to us.

  • Moving with audriga
    Our partner audriga provides methods that automatically move your existing data and accounts, such as e-mail, calendars, contacts, and files from your cloud storage.
    This works like a premium relocation service: When you enter your new Office, your furniture is already there and all your stuff in the right place.

  • Help with configuration matters
    If you have any questions about apps and software, or need advice on established methods and best practices, our friendly system partner will be happy to support your Onboarding and mentor you and your users on all issues around individual software configuration.
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Exemplary data protection standards compliant with GDPR

Mail hosting at trustworthy for your customers, legally compliant for you, natural for us.

Data protection and commissioned data processing at

We at take data protection extremely seriously - our team started specializing in secure data transmission and privacy protection as long ago as 1992. Data protection is not just lip service for us but at the core of our political conviction and wider mission.

Everyone commissioning the storage of e-mail inboxes or processing of client data to a provider (the "data processor") has a duty to ensure this provider fulfills the related data protection obligations as specified in a commissioned data processing agreement. Since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation in the EU countries in May 2018, these obligations have become stricter - and the penalties for non-compliance are now significantly higher than they used to be.

At, commissioned data processing agreements are a normal part of our day-to-day operations. Simply access your central account management console online to set up and confirm your data processing agreement with us and ensure legal compliance with a few mouse clicks.

By using as your provider, you will demonstrate to your customers that you are taking the protection of their data and privacy truly seriously. You can also relax whenever the authorities announce their next data protection audit - with, you are in safe hands.

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Business prices

Only pay for what you really need and scale any booked resources flexibly as your requirements change.

Overview of our business price plans

Just as much as you require: As a business customer, you choose a service package (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) and combine this with the required type and number of inboxes. For your convenience, we will compile a collective invoice for you every month.

The individual inboxes are mostly similar in price and conditions to those offered for private users. An exception is the basic 1 EUR offer which, for licensing reasons, does not entail any groupware functionality and cloud storage for the Office. This kind of account is ideal for uses that do not require additional functionality beyond e-mail, like basic info@ addresses.

All service packages include e-mail ticketing system support, more advanced plans also offer telephone support and 24/7 availability. Business customers will normally organize their in-house support separately. However, if you need direct 1st-level support for you end-users, get in touch and we will give you an individual quote.

Business price plan calculator

1 Please select your service package:

  • Up to 50 Accounts
  • 25 Aliases/Fwd addresses
  • One Groupware user group
  • 9-5 Ticket-based support
  • Up to 250 Accounts
  • 75 Aliases/Fwd addresses
  • Unlimited Groupware user groups
  • 9-5 Ticket-based support
  • 9-5 Hotline
  • Unlimited accounts
  • 1000 Aliases/Fwd addresses
  • Unlimited Groupware user groups
  • 9-5 Ticket-based support
  • 9-5 Hotline
  • 24/7 Emergency Hotline

Final price (ex VAT)

2 Please choose the number of required e-mail inboxes:   

    Unit price (ex VAT)
1 GB  Mail storage (Webmail without Groupware, calendar, drive) 1,00 €
5 GB  Mail storage, 100 MB Cloud storage, Groupware + Office 2,50 €
25 GB  Mail storage, 100 MB Cloud storage, Groupware + Office 3,50 €
100 GB  Mail storage, 100 MB Cloud storage, Groupware + Office 5,00 €
25 GB  Mail storage, 25 GB Cloud storage, Groupware + Office 4,50 €
50 GB  Mail storage, 100 GB Cloud storage, Groupware + Office 10,00 €
50 GB  Mail storage, 500 GB Cloud storage, Groupware + Office 25,00 €
100 GB  Mail storage, 2 TB Cloud storage, Groupware + Office 50,00 €
  • Account management interface for the administrator


Consultation and individual quotes

If you would like to test Business free of charge, have a chat about your requirements, or want a straightforward quotation, just let us know and your personal contact person will get in touch with you.

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