Your Office

Your private Office

Welcome to your mobile Office! Your virtual office desk is available immediately upon registration and can be customized as you desire. From here, you have an overview of everything that’s important.

  • You’ve got mail: The latest e-mails in your inbox at a glance.
  • Dates and birthdays: Never miss out on important events. Your Office will let you know as soon as you log in.
  • What’s on today? With the Task Planner, you can view a quick to-do list for the day – everything at a glance.
  • Twitter and RSS: Tweets and up-to-date news feeds from all around the world, right at your fingertips.


Your mobile E-Mail-Client

Computer, tablet, or smartphone: Our sophisticated webmail client is great to use anywhere. With a direct link to your Address Book, it provides all the e-mail addresses you need. You can e-mail files up to 137 MB in size from your desktop or directly from the personal file storage area within your Office.

  • Conversation threads: With an extended e-mail conversation, you can view all the mails in a tree structure.
  • Drag-and-drop for attachments: Simply drag your photos or documents into the e-mail window.
  • Transfer security: When needed, you can restrict e-mail transfers so that they will be exclusively sent and received via our own secure connections.
  • E-mail accounts from other providers: You can view all your e-mails from other providers’ accounts within the Office interface.
  • Calendar planning: You can turn an e-mail into a reminder within your Task Planner at a single click.


Your adressbook

Naturally, our Office platform includes a fully-featured Address Book. Not just one Address Book, in fact, but several – so you can keep everything organized. No matter if it’s an address, photo, or birthday, just click it and if there’s an address associated with it, it’ll be shown on the map.

  • Importing addresses: Import your contacts via vCard or CSV format, or directly per mouse-click from Facebook, Gmail, XING, or other selected social networks.
  • Smartphone synchronization: iPhone/iOS, Android, and other platforms are kept up-to-date at all times.
  • Public mailing lists: Share your contacts with selected friends and colleagues.
  • Home, work, fun: Different folders for different parts of life.
  • QR code generator: Turn any contact into a handy QR code at a mouse-click.


Your calendar

You can keep an eye on all your events with your Calendar, no matter if you’re using our web browser or if you’re offline while on the road. Invite friends, family, and work colleagues to events via e-mail – while you’re logged in, Office will even alert you with a reminder.

  • Smartphone synchronization: iPhone/iOS, Android, and other platforms are kept up-to-date at all times.
  • Reminder function: On request, Office will issue event reminders ahead of time.
  • User-friendly operation: Simply drag an event to make it bigger or move it to another date.
  • Efficient calendar management: Plan your events and send out automated invitations.
  • Home, work, fun: Different folders for different parts of life.


Your taskplanner

Got a lot going on? In conjunction with our Calendar, our easy-to-use Task Planner helps you to schedule your days to fit everything in. Here, you can add your tasks to simple lists so that nothing gets lost.

  • Everything in view: Manage resources, participants, events, deadlines, and progress at a glance.
  • Smartphone synchronization: iPhone/iOS, Android, and other platforms are kept up-to-date at all times.
  • Never forget anything: Make use of the built-in reminder function.
  • Home, work, fun: Different folders for different parts of life.
  • Easy: You can turn an e-mail into a task with a single click.


Your filemanager

If you store files on anonymous servers around the world, you can’t be too careful about their security. At, your files are stored inside a secure data center located in Berlin – and that’s where they stay. Our file storage is fully compliant with data privacy law, it’s free of ads, and access is always encrypted.

  • Easy file transferring: Upload your files to the Drive and share them with others via a secure download link.
  • Secure access from anywhere: No matter whether you’re at home, at work, or on the road – our Drive Client provides you with quick and encrypted access to your documents. The Drive Client is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
  • Multimedia gallery: Share your photos with friends and family via a gallery – with you deciding who can see what.
  • Photo stream: Automatically transfer new photos from your smartphone or tablet directly to your Drive. If you like, you can instantly share them with your friends, too.


Your mobile officesuite

You can create, edit, and send both Word and OpenOffice documents with Office. No matter where you are in the world: You’ve always got your virtual desk with you, and thanks to seamless integration with our webmail client, you won’t even notice you’re away from your home base.

  • Texts, Spreadsheets and Presentations: Uploading, new documents, editing, sending – do it all from within your browser.
  • File sharing: If so desired, you can make your public documents available for downloading via web links.
  • An office for at home and on the road: Access via our webmail client and Drive Client is secure and reliable.


Always up-to-date, even offline

Calendars, contacts, e-mails, tasks, files: When needed, you can access all of them, even when you’re offline, for example, when you’re on a flight. Any changes you make while offline are automatically transferred back to our servers as soon as you’re online again. The old “I left my calendar at home!” is a thing of the past.

  • Calendar and Address Book synchronizing: This works on almost any device, thanks to CalDAV and CardDAV.
  • You’re always within reach: Either directly via the Office in a web browser, or via the Drive Client on your mobile device.
  • Secure access: Regardless of the access method you choose, your data is always transferred to us via a secure connection.


Your mobile office

What else can we say? You’ll just have to try it for yourself!