Work in progress: A bright future ahead!

Nobody is perfect – this is not any different here at Yet, we are constantly striving to get better at fixing bugs and faults (transparently laid out on this page), as well as to improve our service by developing new features.

Watch us grow – anyone who is interested in our ongoing technological development will find updates on this page.


First quarter of 2017

  • Update of web interface to version 7.8.3, including the following improvements:
    • create presentations online
    • more easy handling of encrypted files
  • extensions of our server landscape and many bugs were fixed
  • evaluation/testing of a new ticket system to improve support requests in future


Second quarter of 2017 – a short preview

  • implementation of payment option „Sofortüberweisung“ (German payment provider)
  • spam protection configurable on individual basis
  • ‘eM Client’: alternative e-mail client for Windows PC (already included in all office tariffs)
  • Work on a new ticket system for customer requests and a rebuild of the help / FAQ. The forum is to be highlighted more clearly as a user forum.


Work in progress and future development

  • OpenPGP encryption of all e-mails sent without the currently needed workaround.
  • Aside from working on our own ideas, we also look forward to the further development of the OX App Suite by Open Exchange.


Current bugs and faults

We are currently aware of the following problems and are in the process of implementing solutions (as of January 2017):

  • PDF-Documents, created with Acrobat/X4, cannot be displayed.
  • External mailboxes and accounts (e.g., Xing or Google) may not be accessible via the web interface using OTP/Yubikey and cannot be integrated.
  • In case of using own OTP tokens it is not possible to change the main address, it is not possible to login afterwards.


Recently fixed bugs

  • Fixed: Due to a bug, Guard does not accept public keys from OpenPGP smart cards. This is because Guard uses a wrong sub-key for encryption. (09/2016)
  • Fixed logout problems, because of a bug in Open-Xchange the redirect to our login page after logout did not work properliy. (07/2016).