Test Account: Try Us in Your Own Time

A Look Behind the Scenes


Test account: Functionality

The test account is largely similar to our basic 1-Euro-Account „Mail“ and provides the same features. However, in order to protect our customers and ourselves from potential abuse by spammers, there are a few limitations:

  • The number e-mails that can be sent is limited to 10 per day.
  • The available storage space for e-mails (including attachments) is 100 Megabytes.
  • The available storage space for files and documents on the Drive is 10 Megabytes.
  • You may create only one additional alias for your e-mail address.


These differences still allow anyone to fully try out the account without risk:

If you like our services, just add some credit to your account balance. Conversely, if you were not satisfied for some reason, and there is no payment from you within 30 days after the trial period has finished, we will delete your test account automatically.

You can also make a payment during the trial period, after which you have a right to cancel within 14 days; if you do cancel, your payment will be refunded in full. Please note, however, that refunding is a time-consuming process at our end, and also means we incur bank fees.
We therefore encourage trial users to try out the test account in full and make sure they are certain to want to keep it before making a payment.


If you choose not to use our services any further, you don’t need to do anything:

After 30 days without credit added, the account will be deleted automatically and there are no further obligations for you.

So, you want to try before you buy? Not a problem. Simply sign up and get 30 days free access to a fully-featured test account.