Our Team

The Team at mailbox.org

Our commitment is to the promotion of free and secure communication between people.“

mailbox.org is operated by the Berlin family business Heinlein Support GmbH, whose origins go back to the year 1992. At the time, CEO Peer Heinlein took over operations at the Internet access & e-mail provider JPBerlin, which was later incorporated in the Heinlein Support GmbH and is still active today. The team of Heinlein Support has more than 30 staff, who are held in high esteem in the country for their expertise in computer networks, Linux, and mail server technology. There is a lively and frequent knowledge exchange with other providers, and many businesses and experts benefit from our experience by taking part in the courses we offer at the Heinlein Akademie, by individual Linux consulting, or through our Server hosting services.

In the wake of the Snowden revelations we decided to establish an e-mail service that pushes for new standards in data protection and privacy. Consequently, mailbox.org started in 2014 as a secure, ad-free, and privacy-focused e-mail service, and an easy-to-use alternative to other web-mail offers that appear to be free on the surface but are actually driven by advertizing revenue. Since then, we have brought forward and implemented many innovative ideas that have changed the industry for the better. We are also excited about successes like our winning of a prestigious German product comparison award in 2015, for the second time in a row.

25 years of secure communication: Read about the history of our business.


Peer Heinlein

Chief Executive Officer

A highly-esteemed expert in computer networks and Linux, Peer Heinlein has been in the business for over 25 years. His books about Linux and Mail servers have become reference works in the industry. Peer is a trained lawyer and has previously worked as a journalist. He considers free and unconstrained communication for everyone as one of the foundations of democracy, important for involving people in the political process, and for enabling basis-democratic activities. This is one of the reasons why the he is so passionate about mailbox.org.


We are there for you when you need us

Our support team helps with all questions and problems per e-mail, free of charge. We are available weekdays from 10am – 6pm CET. In emergencies, we are also able to help outside of normal working hours. Support contact form.

Many problems can be resolved without a formal support request – consider doing a quick search in our FAQ or posting a query in our User Forum first.


We know what we are doing

Our services run on our own, dedicated infrastructure, over which we have full control. Our servers operate in parallel in two geographically separate data centers, with another data storage location in Berlin, Germany. Our two admin teams are monitoring services around the clock using more than 14.000 metrics to make sure operations are running smoothly. They have sole direct access to the infrastructure. For security reasons, we exclusively use Open-Source technology.

Our data centers:

  • run on eco-friendly power
  • are directly connected to BCIX for fast world-wide data transfer
  • are RIPE NCC members