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E-mail, Cloud storage, Office & Video conferences

  • Secure, anonymous, and ad-free
  • The leading German consumer safety organisation "Stiftung Warentest" says: Security & Privacy protection: Excellent (1,0)
  • Powered by 100% eco-friendly energy
  • Server location in Germany for only 1 € per month

We offer affordable and secure e-mail inboxes for private & business: Easy to remember, and recognizable internationally. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in the provision of e-mail and related services. We have the technical know-how and personal motivation to deliver the best-possible service to our users. You can rest assured that there are no hidden interests or compromises here: Your data belongs to you only and we will always do our utmost to protect your privacy.

Our web-mail client

Whether you use a PC, tablet computer, or smartphone: our web-mail client is easy and comfortable to use with any device. features an inbox interface that uses tabs to organize the content and that can be customized and trained by the user so that e-mails are automatically moved into sub-folders for private, business, social media, or shopping-related messages.

Experience tells us that the use of encryption is only successful if it is both secure and easy to use without hassle. Our web-mail client provides encryption for the sending and receiving of e-mails without requiring the installation of any extra software. Encryption becomes an automatic part of the process - even when you use other devices away from home.

Discussion threads

Push notifications

PGP with web-mail

Spam-/ virus protection

Full-text search


No data loss when you close the browser window

Generate down load links for large attachments

Self-learning tabbed inbox

Encrypted sending - guaranteed

Manage multiple inboxes from a single view

Bild Berlin Potsdamer Platz Office: Your virtual desk

With Office, your virtual desk is available around the clock, wherever you are.

Your office: Included with all price plans

At, you get much more than just a secure e-mail inbox: All our price plans include a cloud office suite for editing documents, managing appointments, as well as other common office features such as task lists and an address book - all in one place and available when and wherever you need it.

  Your personal office

Everything in one place: Use your virtual desk to manage your e-mails, files, external RSS feeds, and twitter account.


  Address books

Create different address books for managing your private and business contacts. Your calendar will remind you automatically when one of your contact's birthday is coming up.



Make plans! You can maintain different calendars , give other people permissions for access or subscribe to public calendars (e.g., public holidays, foot ball events, etc.).


  Task planner

What do you need to do today? Use our handy task planner to never forget any of the important things on your list - including your shopping!


  Word processing & Spread sheets

Work on Word or different OpenOffice word documents directly in your browser, either by yourself or jointly with others, wherever you are. Group presentations are also supported.


  Mobile Sync

Calendar, contacts, files, e-mails: You can sync all of these by using our app. Photos taken with your mobile phone can also be uploaded to your cloud storage.


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Cloud storage included

You would like to manage your documents, photos, and other files in the cloud - encrypted and compliant with data protection laws? With, that is no problem at all.

Store, share, edit your data

Whether it's just for you or an entire team: With the Cloud storage ("Drive"), you can keep all your documents, photos, videos, and music online, synchronize them with different devices, and share them with others. The upload is really simple - just drag & drop a file in your browser window. Use the mobile app to synchronize with your mobile phone and other devices. The mobile OX app makes sure that you can access your data everywhere.

Work together with others

Grant guest access to individual files or entire folders and work jointly with others on documents - live.

Sync & Share

Transmit photos from your mobile phone to the Drive so that nothing will ever get lost. View a gallery with a single click.

Securely encrypted

Better safe than sorry! You can encrypt all files in your cloud storage with your personal PGP key.

Send by e-mail

Files from your Drive can be shared by e-mail. Just insert the download link into your message. This link can be permanent or expire after some time - just as you need.

Multimedia viewer

PDF and office documents can be viewed directly in your browser, and the multimedia viewer will play back music and videos.

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Secure video conferences

Ideal for families, friends, and teams: puts your video conferences in a secure environment.

Video conferences on German servers: Secure and GDPR-compliant

We offer private customers and team accounts secure video conferences with up to 10 participants, with a solution that is based on our further development of the open source software „Jitsi“. All the necessary servers are run by us in our data centers in Germany.

This is how we can guarantee the best-possible data protection for your personal data and conversations: Be it video-chatting with your family, discussing your homework within the learning group, attending musical training that is currently done remotely, or having a small business conference if you are self-employed and want to avoid any issues with DSGVO compliance and the US Privacy Shield. - So, in short: This feature is for anyone who cares about who else might be watching or listening in.

Using best-in-class encryption and data protection: Privacy made in Germany.

Quick and easy to use

Access your Office and set up your own virtual conference room, with optional password protection, and then simply inform your participants by distributing an invite link via e-mail.

Those attending need only a regular web browser to do so (We recommend Firefox or Chrome) – there is no additional software required! Alternatively, participants can use the service on mobile devices by downloading a free client app, available for Google Android or Apple iOS. For more information, check out our knowledge base.

Note: The video conference feature is included in our "Team-Mail" price plan (€2.50 per month and user) and all plans above. -To support our users in times of COVID-19, video conferences are currently also available in the basic “Mail” package (€1 per month), up until 31 December 2020.


Up to 10 participants

Runs in the browser

Send invites by e-mail

Password protection

Share your screen


Unlimited session duration

Built-in text chat

Participant management

Encrypted connections

Mobile ready
(iOS & Android)

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Custom domain names at

Use all our features and security measures with your own domain name - at no extra cost.

Want to keep your own domain name? No problem.

You already have a registered domain name and want to use with your existing e-mail address? That's no problem at all - just associate your domain name with and you're good to go. Not only can you keep using your previous e-mail address, you will also benefit from all the tools and almost all security features offered by

For more information about the use of custom domain names with, have a look at our Knowledge Base.

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Our prices

Test us free of charge for 30 days, without any obligations. You can then choose a price plan that suits your requirements and your budget.

Individual price plans for all your needs

Be it a private e-mail inbox for yourself, e-mail for everyone in your family, or serving professional teams of up to 10 people: offers e-mail communication for all purposes.

Secure Mail

  • 2 GB Mail storage
  • 100 MB Cloud storage
  • 3 e-mail aliases
  • Mobile sync
  • User forum & e-mail helpdesk
  • Video conferences included*

1 €


Team Mail

  • 5 GB Mail storage
  • 100 MB Cloud storage
  • 25 e-mail aliases
  • Mobile sync
  • User forum & e-mail helpdesk
  • Team- / Groupware features
  • Up to 10 users per team
  • Video conferences included

monthly per user
2,50 €


Business Mail

  • Central management console
  • E-mail and Groupware
  • Online word processing
  • Cloud storage with sharing options
  • Mobile sync
  • Service & support packages
  • GDPR data processing agreements

monthly from (ex VAT)
25 €


* The feature "Video conferences" is included in the 1,- Euro price plan, Secure Mail, until 31.12.2020.

Price calculator operates on a pre-paid credit scheme. Simply top up your account with as much as you need. Currently, users can choose the size of their required mail- and cloud storage in pre-defined steps. Check out our price calculator to find out more.

Give us a try by signing up for a free trial account and set your storage requirements at a later date.

Your price plan is flexible and can be changed at any time.

All prices include VAT, charged at the rate set by the customer's country of residence.


Umzugsservice bei

It is so easy to move to

Move to us with your e-mails, calendar, tasks, or files - quick, easy, and securely.

Moving to made easy

Do you already have an e-mail inbox and want to move it to No problem: You can use our free 30-day trial account to move your account and any associated data to step-by-step. Alternatively, you can also leave everything in place and set up access to any existing services through the new web front-end.

For those who prefer not to get their hands dirty with the technical details of moving account, our competent partner audriga offers a secure and easy-to-use moving service. audriga is based in Germany and a well-established data-portability service provider. They specialize in the migration of e-mail, groupware and cloud storage systems. The audriga technology allows comprehensive and secure data transfer between systems, and makes it easy for anyone to move not just their e-mails but also e-mail attachments, e-mail status information, contacts, calendars, and files. We have been working with audriga for many years and our experience with them has been very positive throughout.

More information about the moving service can be found in our Knowledge Base.

Bild Brücke Business

The award-winning e-mail- and communication platform for your business.

Because it matters where you host: Groupware at

It doesn't always have to be GMail or O365: offers e-mail and groupware hosting for business and enterprise customers. Benefit from our extensive experience and know-how, careful administration, and data protection that you can really trust.

Business Mail

  • Central management console
  • E-mail and Groupware
  • Online word processing
  • Cloud storage with sharing options
  • Mobile sync
  • Service & support packages
  • GDPR data processing agreements

monthly from (ex VAT)
25 €

show plans

Plenty of features and easy to use: Business

Central account management console, flexible billing methods, a personal contact for your business, dedicated service-level agreements, groupware to facilitate team work and boost your productivity. Find out more about the advantages of Business and all the little extras our business customers get that are not available to private users.


Find the mail solution that is right for you

We are happy to discuss individual solutions that fit any requirements and special wishes our customers may have. All business and enterprise customers benefit from a dedicated contact person at our company who will be happy to help and advise on the mail hosting solutions that might best suit your needs. Your contact will also guide you through any necessary steps and make sure everything goes smoothly. Simply use our contact form to get in touch!