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Your secure e-mail inbox

For those who do not want to take any chances when it comes to e-mail security.

  • Three fully-transparent price plans – starting from €1 /month
  • E-mail, Cloud Storage, Online Office and video conferencing
  • Ideal for everyday work and collaboration


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Privacy made in Germany

To protect your privacy in the best possible way: That is our mission! With us you will find a great communication platform with a lot of security and without tracking and advertising, we promise. An inbox at offers you exactly the level of security you desire.

With us, you don't need to be a security expert – that is what we are here for! Our team of specialists is always up-to-date. The most important security features at a glance:

Own data centres

Anonymous payment

PGP and S/MIME in the webmailer

Spam-/ virus protection



No unnecessary data collection

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

TLS 1.3 where possible

Guaranteed encrypted transmission

„Have I Been Pwned“ integration



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More than just an inbox offers a comprehensive communication platform for everyone, beginners and power users alike.

  • Includes address books and calendars
  • Cloud Storage for uploads and sharing
  • Online Office for more flexibility
  • Video conferencing for chatting with family and friends

Your secure mailbox

The e-mail inbox is the core of our service. It's easy to use and comes with calendar, address book and many other features. Add to this PGP encryption suitable for everyday use, e-mail aliases and integration of external e-mail addresses. Users can even configure their own domain name to be used with

  • Runs in the browser and with all e-mail clients (POP3 or IMAP)
  • Calendars and contacts can be synchronised offline
  • Reliable spam and virus filter

Learn more about the secure inbox

Cloud Storage

Our Cloud Storage is the perfect place to keep your images and files to access them whenever and wherever you need to. Simply upload, manage and share files and encrypt them if you wish. Sharing is made even more secure with password-protected links and time-limited link validity as options.

  • We support the open WebDAV standard
  • Simple integration as a network drive (desktop and mobile)
  • Apps available for iOS und Android

Learn more about the Cloud Storage

Online Office

Create and edit your files at any time and from anywhere. The sharing of and working on documents collaboratively has never been easier. The Online Office offers word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.

  • Runs in the browser
  • Work collaboratively with others
  • Supports common office document formats

Learn more about the Online Office

Video conferencing

Stay in touch with your friends and family more easily, wherever you are. As easy as a phone call and almost as good as a face-to-face conversation. We use OpenTalk, developed by the Heinlein Group, just like

  • Extensive functions
  • Runs in the browser, no local installation required
  • Send invite links by e-mail

Learn more about Video Conferencing

Get organised as a team

Ideal for teams and families who are looking to use a shared communication platform. for teams and families

For teams and families, we offer a special solution. Each team member can maintain their own e-mail inbox while calendars, address books and Online Storage folders can be easily shared with others in the team. The team founder has the necessary permissions to do things like adding further team members, resetting forgotten passwords, and making joint payments for all accounts in the team.

Ideal for families and professional teams with up to 10 members. For larger teams we offer special business packages.

  • Easy sharing functionality (address books, calendars, Online Storage)
  • Create a team from up to 10 individual accounts
  • Joint billing available
  • Can be used in combination with a custom domain name




Your custom domain name with

Use the functionality and security features of with your own domain name.

Your very personal e-mail address

Use your existing domain name with all functionality and most security features. A custom domain can also be set up to work with multiple accounts for a team, club, or family, for example. Find out more about the setup and use ->

Your features:

  • Up to 250 aliases
  • Catch-all addresses included
  • Multiple custom domains possible
  • More security with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC


Your e-mails are secure and you can use your own domain name, too! Available in our PREMIUM and STANDARD price plans.



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The best security for your privacy at

Privacy made in Germany.



We will do everything to protect you.

With us, you can encrypt your e-mails directly in the webmailer with PGP, as well as your entire mailbox. You don't need to be an IT security expert to do this. That's us at Our long-standing experts protect your data on our systems. This is another reason why we do not operate on rented servers, but with our own redundant infrastructure in our Berlin data centres.

We were also able to convince the Federal Office for Information Security with our service. The PREMIUM, STANDARD and LIGHT plans bear the BSI's IT security mark.



Security highlights

  • Professional spam and virus protection
  • PGP encryption in the webmailer via Guard or Mailvelope
  • Own PGP key server
  • Use of the latest crypto algorithms
  • Use of Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS), DNSSEC and DANE/TLSA
  • TLS checker integrated in the webmailer
  • Particularly secure addresses


Learn more about security at


Umzugsservice bei

It is so easy to move to

Move to us with your e-mails, calendar, tasks, or files – quick, easy and secure.

Moving to made easy

Do you already have an e-mail inbox and want to move it to No problem: You can use our free 30-day trial account to move your account and any associated data to step-by-step. Alternatively, you can also leave everything in place and set up access to any existing services through the new web front-end.

For those who prefer not to get their hands dirty with the technical details of moving account, our competent partner audriga offers a secure and easy-to-use moving service. audriga is based in Germany and a well-established data-portability service provider. They specialize in the migration of e-mail, groupware and cloud storage systems. The audriga technology allows comprehensive and secure data transfer between systems, and makes it easy for anyone to move not just their e-mails but also e-mail attachments, e-mail status information, contacts, calendars, and files. We have been working with audriga for many years and our experience with them has been very positive throughout.

More information about the moving service can be found in our Knowledge Base.




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Our price plans

Test us free of charge for 30 days, without any obligations. You can then choose a price plan that suits your requirements and your budget.

Individual price plans for all your needs

Be it a private e-mail inbox for yourself, e-mail for everyone in your family, or serving professional teams of up to 10 people: offers e-mail communication for all purposes.


Our most comprehensive secure e-mail inbox including priority customer support.


per user / month

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Try it free for 30 days.


Our best allrounder: Secure e-mail & many features, with data protection made easy.


per user / month

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Try it free for 30 days.


Our basic package: Secure e-mail, calendar, and address book.


per user / month

Get started.
Try it free for 30 days.

Mail storage inclusive

25 GB

10 GB

2 GB

Cloud storage inclusive

50 GB

5 GB






Custom domain names i

Link your own domain names with

only in team accounts i

Only available for team members.

Ad-free, no tracking

Servers exclusively based in Germany

Plan & details




External POP3-accounts retrievable




Disposable e-mail addresses

50 valid for 1 year

25 valid for 90 days


Aliases for your custom domain name



only in team accounts i

Only available for team members: 3 aliases @customdomains

Protection against re-registration i

The time period within which your e-mail address cannot be registered again by anyone after deletion.

At least 2 years

At least 1 year

90 days

Extensible storage capacity


Additional mail storage per 1 GB




Additional cloud storage per 5 GB




Minimum contract period i

The paid-for account balance determines the effective contract period. Only in the LIGHT package are users required to top up at least €12.

1 month

1 month

1 year

Discount for annual payment i

You get 12 months for the price of 10.


Support & service

Priority i

We will normaly respond to queries within 24 hours (business days only).

Regular i

We will normally respond to queries within 48 hours (business days only).

Limited i

We will be able to help with questions about your contract, credit balance, and password reset only.

FAQ database

User forum

E-mail helpdesk

Priority support

Contract-related questions only

Telephone support i

PREMIUM users benefit from a callback service on business days between 9AM and 6PM German time. Coming in summer 2021.



Self-service backup i

We provide backup files for download. Use entirely at your own risk.


Moving service (audriga)


E-mail & calendar & contacts

Web mail client, IMAP, POP3

Calendar, contacts, tasks

Mobile sync

Mobile apps i

E-mail, calendar and contact formats are compatible with standard iOS and Android apps.

Incoming e-mail push notifications

Professional spam and virus protection

Different webmail designs


Security & encryption

TLS check i

Our servers will check if your recipient’s provider supports encrypted e-mail transmission. i

Alias for enforced secure data transmission via SSL/TLS.

Guard: PGP with web mail client

Mailvelope: PGP in the browser

PGP-encrypted Inbox

Dedicated PGP key server (HKPS)

One-time passwords / 2FA

Blocking of unwanted senders

Anonymous payment

Online office & cloud storage


Edit documents online i

Create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations online.


Drive – secure cloud storage


Drive app for mobile devices i

The OX Drive app can be used for file synchronisation.


Video conferences & web chat


Video conferences


XMPP web chat


Team account & collaboration


Team accounts with up to 10 users

As member

Share calendars, contacts, and appointments

Share documents


Share cloud storage


Joint or separate billing

Data protection & CDP agreement

No CDP agreement

German data protection standards

GDPR-compliant CDP agreement


Compliant with German BRAO legislation

On request

On request


Digital legacy i

Determine what happens to your data and who gets access to your account when you die.

All prices include VAT, charged at the rate set by the customer's country of residence.