Why not give a bit of privacy this Christmas?

Are you still looking for Christmas presents to give to your friends, family, or valued colleagues? How about a voucher for a secure and ad-free e-mail inbox this year? There are two ways: Voucher code about EUR 6, sponsored by mailbox.org. Valid only for new mailbox.org accounts. You purchase a gift voucher with an individual value. Valid only for new mailbox.org accounts. Christmas voucher “christmas2017” mailbox.org is giving away Christmas vouchers worth 6,- Euro this year. The code is valid for new registrations until 10 January 2018. So if you want to communicate with your loved ones safely via email in the future, simply put our coupon under the Christmas tree. PDF to be printed:The mailbox.org christmas voucher How to redeem the voucher? If you register a new account, please enter the voucher code “christmas2017” during step 3 of the registration process. mailbox.org can be tested free for 30 days, as always. The code is only valid for new registrations until 10 January 2018. We will increase your account balance by the amount of 6 EUR after your first completed payment to top up the account. (This procedure is nesseccary to avoid abuse by spammers.) The amount will cover the charges for using the basic tariff MAIL for a further 6 months. Note that the balance increase granted through the voucher is not transferable or refundable. Purchase gift vouchers It is now possible to purchase gift vouchers for a new e-mail inbox through the mailbox.org web interface, to send as a present to your loved ones.