Welcome the new OX Drive app for iOS

The new OX Drive app for iOS

The beta test of the new OX Drive app for iOS has been a success and we were pleased about the numerous testers among our customers. The feedback for the new app was consistently very good. From now on, the mailbox.org Drive can be used directly via Apple's pre-installed Files app.

Features at a glance

  • Use Apple's pre-installed Files app to browse and organise your Drive content
  • Move files between your mailbox.org Drive directory and other storage locations or other apps with simple drag and drop
  • Compress files to save storage space
  • Scan documents and upload them directly to mailbox.org Drive
  • Edit your documents and save updated versions directly to Drive
  • Create share links with expiry date and password protection

Click here for the new OX Drive app for iOS ->


Additional update: Larger files in Drive

Some customers use their mailbox.org Drive for backups or large data archives. Therefore, we have raised the limit for the maximum size of files from 10 GB to 40 GB.