Virtual backgrounds for our video conferencing solution

Recently, we gave our secure video conference an update – the next one is already here. From now on you can blur your background or even replace it with an image.

Keep your background private

Has this ever happened to you? Video conference participants with untidy backgrounds, dirty dishes, boxes, or drying racks. Maybe sometimes, you just don't have time to prepare your background for the next video conference or you have to move position spontaneously. And of course, not everyone wants to show off their bookshelves. The simplest solution for this is a virtual background.


For your privacy we offer 3 options: background blur, pre-defined backgrounds or your own background image.

How to change your background:
Click on the three dots (More actions) → choose “Select background” → choose your favourite background

Please note that this function uses the resources of your system and therefore works differently on each device.