Updates for our secure videoconferencing

Exactly one year ago, we introduced secure videoconferencing to mailbox.org and have continued to improve it ever since. Most recently, virtual backgrounds and the moderator role were added. The Berlin data protection authority also reviewed our service and rated us as legally compliant at the beginning of the year, giving us the green light. We are pleased to offer our private and business customers as well as teachers and students a secure and data protection-compliant platform.

Today's update brings several new features and improvements for greater convenience and functionality.

Welcome page

Before entering the actual conference, the new welcome page offers you the opportunity to test your camera, microphone and speakers. This allows you to check all the functions at your leisure and put yourself in the best possible light.

List of participants

With the practical list view of the participants, you can keep track of everything. Moderators can also use the participant list to mute individual or all participants much more easily, as well as deactivate individual or all cameras.


In the chat area you can create polls in the new tab "Polls". Multiple selections are possible and the result is public for all (including participant name). This extension is a wonderful addition for uncomplicated, quick polls.

Improved screen sharing

Until now, screen sharing was transmitted at 5 FPS (frames per second) by default. From now on it is possible to improve the image quality by selecting 15 or 30 FPS under "more settings -> settings -> more". Note: Increasing the FPS requires more computing power and more bandwidth of the internet connection.

Further improvements

  1. Share audio (Chrome/Chromium browser only): The audio of web pages can be shared - handy for background music (e.g. for yoga teachers).
  2. New background "Desktop sharing": The whole screen can be used as background image.
  3. Bugfix: The camera used to deactivate when participants left the conference. This bug is now fixed.


The secure video conference from mailbox.org is available in the PREMIUM and STANDARD price plans. We offer secure videoconferencing with up to 10 participants to our private customers and team accounts. For companies, up to 25 participants are possible in one conference. For schools and teachers, a special package is available with up to 50 participants.

By the way: We at mailbox.org operate all servers required for this service ourselves with our own IT infrastructure in our data centres in Germany. Your personal and business data and conversations thus remain protected from third parties.