Update of our video conferencing solution

We performed an update of our video conferencing solution last night, which added better security, improvements to the web interface, and better extensibility with respect to future updates.


Improved controls

The update brings improvements to the consistency of the interface when it comes to controlling a session, as all commands and features are now in a single menu at the bottom of the window, rather than scattered around the screen. This includes all settings concerning the microphone, camera, screen sharing, chat, as well as views and all interaction and session controls such as that for leaving a meeting.

New moderator feature: Disable camera

Previously, a host was only able to mute individual participants or remove them entirely from the session. Now, it is also possible for the host to turn off the video of single participants or everyone in the session at once. This can be useful to direct the attention of everyone to the host or a designated speaker.

Better security through password masking

All video conferences require a room password to be entered at the beginning. This was previously shown in the browser as plain text, which is not ideal in all circumstances, as other people who happen to be in the same room may be able to read the password off the screen. After the update, a dot mask (●●●●●●●) will be displayed instead when the password is being entered.

Exciting developments ahead

The update has also laid the foundation for other functionality that is currently in the testing phase, and that we are planning to roll out at a later date:

  • Blurring of background details in your video
  • End-to-end encryption for video and audio streams

30 June: Last curtains for video conferencing in the €1 plan

Back when we introduced video conferencing in September 2020, we decided to temporarily include the feature at no extra cost in our cheapest price plan for €1 per month to support all customers during the height of the Covid pandemic. This special concession is going to finally end on 30 June 2021, which means those on the price plans “LIGHT” or “Secure Mail” can no longer run video conferences under their current plan after that date.

If you want to use video conferencing at mailbox.org in the future, please switch to an appropriate plan. Video conferences are included in the new price plans PREMIUM and STANDARD, as well as in any legacy plan from “Team Mail” (€2.50 / month) or above. Conference rooms used by teachers carry over with the same capacity when switching plans.

All existing customers please note: If you switch to a new PREMIUM or STANDARD price plan by 15 June 2021, you can still benefit from our introductory offer, giving you 50% off. Find out more in your mailbox.org account settings → mailbox.org → Contract and Fees.