Phishing warning: Fake invoices

Many fake invoices have been sent to customers recently. They suggest that a certain amount must be transferred promptly and list invoice items such as "service fee" or "anti-spam protection".

These e-mails are sent from any account such as, or From which you can also easily recognise them.

These invoices are not from Do not pay them!

Important information about the current phishing wave

Please become suspicious if you receive strange e-mails with requests for payment, which are often combined with the threat of imminent account deactivation. Our support has received several complaints about how "dubious" would send invoices here – and we agree: Yes, they are dubious. But not from us.


  1. does not send questionable invoices by e-mail.
  2. does not send e-mails from other domains, but only from
  3. only sends e-mails via and
  4. Our e-mails are usually PGP-signed.
  5. Please only pay logged in in the administration area via the menu item "Add credit" to the bank details and payment methods mentioned there.

We are constantly adapting our spam filters against these attacks and are thus able to block the majority of these e-mails successfully. Only in rare cases do these e-mails reach our users. In most cases, our users remain largely unaffected by such attacks. However, this is naturally not 100% successful, so especially in the early stages of such a wave, some e-mails can still get through.

So: Be suspicious and stay suspicious. Your suspicions are justified.


With best regards

Your team


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