New features: OTP two-factor auth, PGP-key server, Mailvelope support, e-mail backup, and more

“April showers bring May flowers!” In fact, a lot has happened in May as we launched a whole range of new features and ways to use Some of the related developments have been going on for well over a year and we are very happy to now be able to present the fruits of our labour to our users. So, what is new? There’s a whole list of things: POP3 mail collection service with PGP-encrypted inbox User access to e-mail backups Two-factor authentication and One-Time Password methods like Google Authenticator PGP key server (HKP) Auto-configuration wizard Guard now with comprehensive Mailvelope support 30-days disposable e-mail addresses Coming very shortly: Dedicated Android app for calendar and contacts Mailtrace: Log file search for our users and finally… …a new virtualization cluster …BGP routing and BCIX peering …new staff …user support forum launch …better resolution of contact images …names of special “Drafts/Trash/Sent” folders adjusted …Envelope-To addresses available as a filter element   See below for details: POP3 mail collection service with PGP-encrypted Inbox Our new POP3 mail collection service (to be found on the settings page) can perform scheduled imports of e-mail inboxes that are hosted with other providers. These e-mails can be run through our mail filter and so distributed to a separate IMAP folder on Best of all: If you are using the fully-encrypted inbox, all e-mails collected in this way will get PGP-encrypted as well! There is another difference to the existing POP3 service that is accessible through the mail menu: The new service can work entirely in the background and will import e-mails automatically every 30 minutes, without prompting the user to log in every time. It may therefore present an interesting option for those customers who use a dedicated mail client to access   User access to e-mail backups It can happen to everyone and at any time: Just one wrong keypress and an important e-mail message or even an entire folder is gone. E-mail backup is not included in our tariffs, however we do perform regular backups for technical purposes that cover the e-mail data of the past few days. We have now created a self-service interface (to be found in the settings pages) which gives users access to an e-mail recovery function. It is now possible to re-import the inbox and other IMAP-folders from a backup and so, replace any (recently) deleted e-mails without the need to contact our support team. Please note that we needed to make adjustments to §11 (2) of our General Terms and Conditions to accommodate this new service.   Two-factor authentication and One-Time Password methods like Google Authenticator After more than a year of development effort, now benefits from a completely overhauled authentication module. In addition to the usua