Office update allows integration of additional external cloud storage

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Our current release 7.10.4 of our Office contains two main improvements: The integration of further external cloud services as well as the possibility to use own, especially secure PGP key pairs with our Guard.

Integration of further external cloud storage combines not only e-mail, online office and recently also video conferencing in one platform, but also a cloud storage for your documents and (image) files. You are free to use our own "drive" storage or integrate external services such as Dropbox, Microsoft, or Google.

From now on you can also use the cloud services ownCloud and Nextcloud as well as the WebDAV protocol in the Office and integrate your files into the platform via these services. So you have all your data conveniently bundled in the Office.

Quick guide: Connecting external cloud storage in the "Drive" is very simple: Click on "Add storage account", select the cloud service to be connected in the window that now opens, enter the requested credentials, click on "Add" and you have access to your other data storage.
Your files from the external cloud are displayed below your own cloud, similar to integrated calendars or address books.

Upload your own secure PGP key pairs

Customers who use our Guard in their webmailer for email encryption can now upload their own PGP key pairs, which were created using the ed25519 algorithm, to Guard and use them for email encryption. This allows our customers to use one of the currently most secure encryption variants on the platform and further increase their security in e-mail communication.

Please check our notes / considerations for uploading private PGP keys to our servers:

Change in the design of the webmailer

Not only on a technical level, but also in the design there are innovations. For example, the window for composing an e-mail has been revised. A more modern design now offers more clarity when writing an e-mail.

Bugfixes in the new version

The following issues could be fixed with the update to version 7.10.4:

  • Reminder emails: From now on your time zone is used and a conversion from UTC to local time is not necessary.
  • Attachments visible everywhere: No matter which device you use, e.g. smartphone, desktop etc., now all attachments are immediately visible in every client (Thunderbird, email app).
  • Standard fonts & signature: On the web interface, the default font you set is now displayed even if you have selected a different font for the e-mail signature.