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Gmail has recently announced their intention to restrict third-party services integration in their apps. In addition, Google will soon also be ending free access to its data-sharing and collaboration product G Suite. From 1 June 2022, the way the app works will be changing significantly. More difficulties are ahead for those who are currently registered with Google’s collaboration suite with a custom domain name. Although these users will still have access to Google Drive, Meet, and other free Google services, they apparently need to ask to be put on a waiting list before June, and then wait for the free services to become available.

If all this appears too uncertain and complicated for your liking, why not take a look at the groupware features and integration options for custom domain names at With, families, teams, or other kinds of groups can work together - even anonymously, if required. People can manage and share calendars, address books, documents, and tasks. Mail, video conferencing, and web chat are also offered in our subscriptions - all digitally sovereign and compliant with data protection regulations. There is no advertising, so that the contents of your communications are kept away from prying eyes.

Custom domains at

With their own domain name, users combine independence with all the advantages of, including: spam protection, a good reputation, and secure encryption. Of course, all this is also available for groups of users: team accounts are independent accounts (up to ten per team) that are combined into a group. One member of the group acts as the administrator and can also reset passwords, if necessary - ideal for families and clubs.

Custom domains are supported for accounts that are on our STANDARD price plan, or better. Find out more about how to integrate your custom domain into in our knowledge base. Visit the Custom Domain section ->



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