donations 2018 – the organisations we supported last year

Dear users,

Since we changed our cancellation refund policy last year, users leaving the service will normally not get a refund but donate their remaining credit balance to a good cause.

Today, we would like to publish how the user donations from 2018 were distributed among the three selected organisations (rounded up to the next full hundred):

Eyes Open: EUR 2.900 EUR 3.800
Whistleblower Net: EUR 2.300

Most of the donations were small amounts, and we are extremely pleased that the overall sum came to EUR 9.000. Many thanks to everyone who has made this possible. We will pass on the money collected to those organisations on behalf of all current and former users who made donations.

Independently of the donations made by our users, we have also made contributions of our own to different organisations and events. In the spirit of transparency, we are publishing the details here. In 2018, the Heinlein Support GmbH was responsible for the following donations and sponsorships:

Atmosfair: EUR 2.000 (EUR 1.500 donation plus EUR 500 CO2 compensation for our business flights)
Digitalcourage e.V.: EUR 500 donation
Free Software Foundation (FSFE): EUR 1.000 annual donation
FrOSCon: EUR 500 sponsorship
LinuxTag Chemnitz: EUR 2.975 annual sponsorship
Open Source Business Alliance: EUR 5.000 sponsorship of the project "Open Source in the public sector"

Note: Heinlein Support has been hosting the e-mail traffic of Atmosfair, as well as mailing lists for Digitalcourage and the working group on data retention. Our donations are made regardless of this.

Dear users of and customers of Heinlein Support,
We want to thank you for your trust in the previous year and look forward to serving you in 2019. Happy New Year!

Your team at & Heinlein Support