acclaims Darkmail approach and considers participation

An alliance formed of renowned security specialists including the founder of former secure e-mail service provider Lavabit as well as PGP author Phil Zimmerman has developed a new approach for the sending and receiving of e-mails, called Darkmail. The solution has the aim and the potential to replace the current standard Internet e-mail protocol SMTP. Even though some of the specifications still need working on, Darkmail appears extremely promising.

We at very much welcome this development and have been following events closely over the past few months. Darkmail is going to implement features that will help us in our cause to facilitate secure and surveillance-free communication for our customers. Hence, we are considering to participate in the further development of the approach and implement Darkmail on our own systems in the future. Clearly, this is something that will take time and we cannot put forward any specific schedules at this date. The Darkmail environment is not fully specified yet and subject to further conceptual development and software engineering work.

In any case, Darkmail could present an interesting future prospect for our customers. We are very excited about the potential of this solution and keen to see how its development progresses. If this goes well, we will be open to contribute our part to its further development and distribution.


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