Lavaboom shuts down services on short notice

Lavaboom, another German provider of secure e-mail inboxes, has announced the sudden end of their project. As an immediate result, Lavaboom users are said to be losing their e-mail addresses and communication infrastructure within short time. Lavaboom’s stated reason for the shutdown of services are financial problems. It seems the start-up company has failed to secure sufficient funding and develop a long-term business model to convince future investors. We are very sorry to see Lavaboom, who were colleagues in our mission to provide secure communication for everyone, to go down this way. – Reliability for 25 years running

On this occasion, we would like to ensure all users of that they have nothing to worry about. Our services are based on the infrastructure of JPBerlin, a provider that has been around since 1989, offering secure e-mail inboxes ever since. Our business is financially healthy and not exposed to many of the uncertainties that start-ups have to deal with. Instead, we have been able to continually prove our expertise and reliability over the past 25 years, especially in times that have seen other businesses rise and fall. In the past, internet providers often had to adapt to new situations – for instance, in the 1990s with the introduction of ISDN, and later with the widespread distribution of Home Broadband. JPBerlin has always come out successful from these challenges and has never been in debt. Some of the e-mail addresses handled by our servers have been actively used on the Internet for two and a half decades, in fact.

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