Introduction of new payment methods: „paydirekt“ and „Sofort-Überweisung“ express bank transfer

We are pleased to announce two additional payment methods that are now available for all customers topping up their credit balance. Both „paydirekt“ and „Sofort-Überweisung“ offer their users real-time express bank transfer transactions.

This also means that all new customers of can now access the full range of their cloud office features immediately, without needing a PayPal account.


New payment method “paydirekt”

Unlike many other payment services, paydirekt is not a separate third-party service but offered as an extension for ordinary bank accounts. Users can register for paydirekt through their online banking interface and set up a username and password there. Please consult your bank or building society to find out if they offer paydirekt integration with their products and services. If your German is up for it, you can also search the current list of participating organisations (“Bankensuche”) on the paydirekt website to find out.

Advantages of paydirekt

  • Secure and approved service integration by your own banking institution
  • Transactions do not require the involvement of any third-party partners
  • Buyer protection included
  • Any paydirekt payments appear automatically on your regular bank statement
  • Real-time transaction confirmation makes it possible for new customers of to use the full feature-range of their tariff immediately. Previously, customers either needed to wait for their regular bank transfer to complete, or use a PayPal account.

New payment method “Sofort” by Klarna

“Sofort-Überweisung” by Klarna offers a regular bank transfer service with the added benefit of instant transaction confirmation. Even though the money may take a few days to arrive in our account (like any ordinary bank transfer), the instant confirmation allows us to credit your account in advance of actually receiving the payment. However, if you want to use the Sofort-Überweisung, you need to trust the vendor with your online banking credentials, including PIN and TAN. This may not be acceptable for those customers who have particular security needs.

Advantages of Sofort-Überweisung

  • Transaction confirmation in real-time. This makes it possible for any of our new customers to access all of their cloud office features immediately – an improvement over using ordinary bank transfer.
  • Sofort-Überweisung allows online bank transfer payments across country borders and is currently available in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, France, and Spain.

Overview: our payment methods

  • Bank transfer
  • Paydirekt
  • Sofort-Überweisung
  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal
  • Cash by mail (EURO currency only. No cheques.)
  • Cash payment into our bank account