Improved e-mail inbox, Drive storage and online office at

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The latest update of our web interface (OX AppSuite 7.10.5) makes it easier to set up devices, fixes bugs, and brings a range of smaller improvements to some frequently used features. For example, more reliable saving of e-mail drafts, uploading of entire folders to the Drive using drag & drop, and much more.

E-mail & Drive updates

E-mail drafts

Drafts are now saved more reliable in the “Drafts” folder and so, available across all synchronized devices, providing great flexibility for your workflow.

Improved setup assistent

It is now even easier to set up your devices for the use of e-mail, calendar, and addressbook. The new setup assistant guides through the installation process in three simple steps.

Drive: Drag & drop uploads

Upload entire folders from your computer to the Drive using drag & drop, or even several folders in one go. This is making the storage of large numbers of files really easy.

Improved navigation

The upper sections of the web interface navigation have been redesigned to simplify access to different modules, help pages, and settings.

Office updates

Collaborate more easily with mentions

Comments are a great communication tool for collaborators working on the same draft. It is possible to use the “@” symbol followed by a user’s name to mention a specific person and make sure they are made aware of any comments directed at them – available in documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The tagged person will receive an e-mail that contains a hyperlink to the document.

Presentations: Improved performance and usability

The update brings improved performance for presentations and increased playback control through the presentation toolbar. There is also a new menu option for embedding background images.