Google announces restriction of Gmail with third-party services

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  • From June 2022, Gmail mailboxes can no longer be accessed via
  • Use the free relocation service
  • Alternatively, you can set up e-mail forwarding to your address

Google has already restricted the integration of calendars and contacts with third-party services, such as, in 2020 – from June 2022, this will now also affect Gmail inboxes.

No alternative: Certification by Google

Google requires third-party services to undergo extensive certification by an American service provider named by Google in order for their users to continue to be able to integrate Google mailboxes. In general, we welcome the fact that Google is raising its security standards in order to minimise dubious offers and abuse. However, Google is using its market power to make it impossible for reputable and privacy-conscious third-party services to comply with this certification. We are not willing to give Google or other US companies access to our infrastructure in the course of the certification. We already explained this in detail in 2020.

So if you currently have a Gmail mailbox integrated in the webmailer, this will unfortunately no longer work as usual from June 2022. Since the use of two parallel email accounts is impractical for many customers, we have two suggestions for you to solve this problem.

Option 1: Temporary forwarding

If you use a Gmail account, then you can set up an automatic forwarding from Gmail to your address. If this is an option for you, then you can find instructions here:



Setup forwarding
  1. Set up Gmail forwarding: Automatically forward Gmail messages to another e-mail account →
  2. Automatically store e-mails from Gmail in a separate folder at If you do not want to have the e-mails from your Gmail inbox directly in your inbox, then you can set up a filter rule for this.
  3. Go to Settings > E-mail > Filter Rules > Add New Rule
  4. Assign a unique name
  5. Add the "From" condition with the Gmail address. Preferably with the endings and
  6. Select "Apply rule if any condition is met" above the conditions.
  7. Select the action "Save as" and the desired folder. You can also conveniently create a new folder here.
  8. Click on "Save

Henceforth, the e-mails from the selected sender address are moved directly to the desired folder.


Option 2: Say goodbye to Google

Perhaps this is the opportunity to make your move to complete. If you've been afraid of the hassle, why not take advantage of our free moving service for your emails, calendars and contacts.

Move away from Gmail to step-by-step ->

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