DANE and DNSsec for secure e-mail at mailbox.org

mailbox.org uses DANE to protect its Infrastructure. With this technology, that was introduced only in 2014, providers can enhance the security of their SSL-Certificates to prevent so called “Man in the middle”-Attacks.

Naturally, we are also protecting our DNS with DNSSEC, a technology which is rather difficult to implement. With DNSsec, the DNS-entrys in the Nameserver are protected with a cryptographic signature to prevent tampering with our DNS-entrys.

With special Browser-Plugins, like the DNSsec-Validator for Firefox, you can check on the current status of the DNSsec and the DANE-Validation of the currently visited Website. In addition, our Mailservers are using DANE, when transmitting e-mails to other providers, to additionally check, wether the transmission over SSL-Encryption functions as flawlessly as expected.

We call this: Privacy made in Germany.