Cyberwar: suspected Russian hacker group attacks Western IT infrastructure

Hacker sitting infront of a laptop
  1. is currently not under attack
  2. Our team is as well prepared as possible and on slightly heightened alert
  3. If we notice any attacks, we will inform you immediately
  4. In this case, we ask our customers to refrain from support requests

As part of the Russia-Ukraine war, the suspected Russian hacker group "Legion Russia" has been specifically attacking Western IT infrastructures and also e-mail providers for several days. Attack targets are collected and commissioned by Legion Russia in internal lists - these are known to us at

Currently, we are not named as a target there – a few days ago, however, the portal "" was attacked and struggled for several hours.

At this point, we would like to inform our customers purely preventively and proactively about possible upcoming attacks and their impact on our services. However, there is no reason for you to act.

In the past, we at have been able to defend ourselves very well even against large-scale distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Nevertheless, we may become the target of such attacks in the coming days and weeks as well. In recent years, we have prepared a number of different defences, with external DDoS protection providers contracted and paid by us on standby around the clock.

Our team is now on slightly heightened alert and has recently evaluated all defensive measures. We consider ourselves to be as well prepared as possible.

Of course every defence has its limits, every attack may require the development of concrete defensive measures and may lead to impairments.

In case of disruptions:

  1. follow our social media channels on Twitter and Mastodon as well as our status page.
  2. mostly the websites of the providers are attacked. If necessary, use our direct login page, which may not be affected. Also, access via e-mail client with POP3/IMAP is often possible without problems.
  3. we ask you to refrain from individual support requests so that our entire team can concentrate on defence.
  4. in the event of temporary inaccessibility, no e-mails will be lost, but only delivered with a delay.

The attacks of the suspected Russian hacker group have so far not had the goal of stealing data but were only intended to temporarily paralyse the respective IT infrastructures.

At the moment, you as a user do not need to do anything. We will inform you about any developments regarding this situation.


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