Give a account for Christmas 2022

Dear customers,

and here we go again. It’s time for gingerbread, the end of the year is approaching and our annual Christmas campaign is starting. We’re sure you've already bought some presents - but how about a secure e-mail address for your friends and family?

We're giving away 6 months on the STANDARD plan to all new customers who use our voucher code when registering. The STANDARD plan includes an e-mail box with 10 GB mail storage, 5 GB cloud storage, several e-mail addresses as well as for custom domains, our complete online office and of course our video conferences.

You will find the voucher code and a PDF print template as a gift under the Christmas tree below. First, we would like to review the most exciting changes of the year together.

The most exciting changes in 2022

This year we have done a lot to make our communication platform even better:

Security: received the BSI IT Security Label

In June 2022 we received the new IT Security Label issued by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The IT Security Label is an official recognition of the standards with which e-mail providers meet the requirements for consumer protection and IT security that the BSI defined.

Improved: custom domains available in the LIGHT plan for teams

E-mail addresses with a custom domain (instead of are practical and popular for families and teams. Until now, custom domains have been only available in the PREMIUM and STANDARD plans. As of today, we are introducing custom domains to our team members in the LIGHT plan.

New: Video conferencing with OpenTalk

Video conferences can be more than a black background with images and sound. They are fun when they motivate participants and support moderators with well-thought-out functions. Our own secure video conferencing solution OpenTalk has been in the introductory phase for a few months and is already being used diligently by our private and business customers. Currently, all customers can try OpenTalk in the PREMIUM and STANDARD plans.

New: Framadate & Etherpad

The Framadate tool has two basic functions: "Schedule an event" and "Standard poll". They will save you time by making it easy to conduct polls among small and large groups of people. Etherpad is our new service for collaborative text processing. Any changes made by a user will be immediately visible to all other editors who are working on the same text, and the individual contributions can be distinguished by colour.

Voucher code “Christmas2022”

So if you want to communicate securely with your loved ones by e-mail or video conference in the future, simply put our voucher under the Christmas tree. Click here for the gift voucher, which you can simply print out: Voucher “Christmas2022”

The voucher code is redeemable for all new registrations of a private e-mail inbox up to and including 31 December 2022 and is entered into the voucher field during the registration process. This new e-mail account automatically receives a bonus of €15. As the first month is generally free of charge, the STANDARD price plan of can thus be used free of charge and without restrictions for a whole 6 months. A downgrade to the LIGHT plan is only possible after 6 months. After that, the account ends automatically – the recipient can decide for themselves whether they want to continue using their account or not. The voucher cannot be refunded, paid out or transferred to existing accounts.


We wish everyone a happy and relaxing holiday season and a Merry Christmas.

The team