Catch-all now works with custom domain names

Since allows the use of custom domain names with e-mail accounts, various users have approached our support team to ask about the availability of catch-all functionality.

What is catch-all?

Catch-all means that all e-mails sent to addresses at a particular domain will be received through a specific e-mail alias, regardless of whether the addresses used by the sender actually exist (as long as the domain name is valid). It doesn’t matter what the sender puts in the local address part before the ‘@’ – the message will come through, even if no e-mail account is actually linked to this address. This is useful if users want to hand out many different e-mail addresses to people or organizations, or if they just want to make sure not to lose any e-mails sent to them where addresses have been spelled wrongly.
We are happy to announce that this functionality is now available to all customers. For more information on how to set up a catch-all alias please consult our FAQ.