Calendars, Documents, Drive: What's new after yesterday's update

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The latest update of our Office fixes about 100 bugs and brings improvements for your daily interaction with our platform. In particular, users can look forward to a range of optimizations to calendars, documents, and file handling. Read on for more details. finances the integration of Mailvelope into the Office has been upgraded to now use the OX AppSuite version 7.10.2. While this version has been released some time ago, there were some obstacles that we first needed to overcome before an upgrade was possible on our systems.

Unfortunately, the software company responsible for Open-Xchange (OX) decided to no longer support integration of the PGP tool „Mailvelope“ in its latest version, in favour of its own „OX Guard“ development.

We at would like to continue to offer our users a choice when it comes to e-mail encryption. There are those who want to use the browser plug-in „Mailvelope“ and store the private key on their local devices. Others prefer to use „Guard“, which keeps the private key separately encrypted on the servers, and enables users to read their e-mail wherever they are, using a webmail client. Both ways of handling e-mail encryption have their practical and security-related advantages and disadvantages, as we have previously discussed (Check out our knowledge base for details: → Guard, → Mailvelope).

We didn't want our users to lose the option of having Mailvelope and decided to take matters into our own hands: So, we set up and funded a project to re-establish support for Mailvelope in the OX AppSuite, which is exclusively available for users. Half a year later, we were finally ready and could proceed with the roll-out of the new OX version. On the outside, nothing has changed for the users of Mailvelope – they can just keep using things as usual.

We would like to thank both Open-Xchange and the Mailvelope developer Thomas Oberndörfer for the support they have given to our project.

What's new in the Office:

  • Calendars:
    Organizers of an appointment can now decide if participants are permitted to change the event date. Furthermore, the role of organizer can be transferred to other participants. It is now possible to download multiple attachments related to appointments. Users can also explicitly configure which of their shared or public calendars are to be synchronized with other devices via CalDAV.

  • Edit documents within browser tabs:
    The editing of documents does now work across browser tabs, which makes it possible to keep open and edit several documents at the same time, each using its own tab. Tabs can be arranged as required, which makes the joint editing of e-mails or documents much easier.

  • Additional file handling support:
    OX Drive now supports the display of EXIF data, which includes meta data of digital photographs such as the GPS coordinates, aperture, or shutter speed from when a picture was taken. Further, OX Drive will track file versions, so that users can always inspect, download, or delete previous versions of a file. If you don't want to use previous file versions, then they can all be easily removed in one go.

  • Upload attachments in the background:
    Another feature that has been improved is the attaching of files to e-mails. Uploading is now running in the background so that users can continue to work while an attachment is being uploaded. Meanwhile, progress is shown in a small window. Once a file has been uploaded completely, a small preview of it can be seen while drafting the current e-mail. Guard

The Guard, which performs server-side encryption of e-mails, has seen a few improvements, too:

  • When using the guest inbox that comes with Guard, users would previously experience occasional time-outs, and sometimes, e-mails would not be displayed properly. This bug has been fixed by improving server synchronization within the cluster.
  • The import of ical files from encrypted e-mails is now supported by Guard.

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