Attractive change for teams and families: custom domains available in the LIGHT plan

  • As of now, team members who use e-mail-addresses with their custom domain can also choose our LIGHT plan.
  • In addition, the verification of custom domains in team accounts has been simplified.

E-mail addresses with a custom domain (instead of are practical and popular for families and teams. Until now, custom domains have been only available in the PREMIUM and STANDARD plans. As of today, we are introducing custom domains to our team members in the LIGHT plan.

From now on, in order to use custom domains, it’s sufficient for the team administrator to use the PREMIUM or STANDARD plan. Team members who are happy with the reduced feature scope of e-mail, address books, and calendars, may choose the LIGHT plan. They can now create up to three additional e-mail-addresses with custom domains. These three aliases come extra, so no existing e-mail-address has to be deleted.

This will benefit most families and small teams who value using their custom domain while using team features like joint billing and sharing of calendars and address books.

Features to consider

The features of the PREMIUM and STANDARD plans are much more extensive than those of the LIGHT plan. Please note that the following features are only available in the PREMIUM and STANDARD plans: video conferencing, chat, online office, and document editing as well as cloud storage. You can find all details in the price plan overview ->

The advantages of team accounts

With a team account, a total of up to 10 accounts can use shared calendars, address books and drive folders. In addition, the team administrator the rights to create new team members, reset forgotten passwords and pay for all accounts together.

Simplified verification of custom domains for team accounts

We have also significantly simplified the verification of custom domains. From now on, a second "team DNS entry" is displayed in the settings. As soon as the domain – with the corresponding "team DNS entry" at the registrar – has been set up, all accounts in the team can set up aliases with this custom domain. This eliminates the time-consuming setup of each individual team account and the corresponding individual DNS entries with the registrar.

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