Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles

Our goal: secure and free communication without surveillance

For more than 20 years, company founder Peer Heinlein has been pursuing secure, free, and unmonitored avenues of communication. A journalist of many years, he values free speech and free press as some of the highest tenets of democracy and aims to protect these to the best of his ability. Since his youth, Heinlein has been working for these principles above and beyond the call of duty, among others as chairperson of Junge Presse Berlin e.V. for a large part of the 1990s. In this role, he repeatedly had to deal with governmental and corporate repression of unwelcome viewpoints.

We: pioneers of digital communication

Being Internet pioneers from the beginning, we not only learned about unhindered communication through the Internet, but also helped establish it – for the last few decades, this topic has been a central aspect of our daily work. For a good number of years now, unfortunately, we have also been observing that communication is becoming less and less free. Many major providers are diminishing Internet freedom for purely commercial reasons.We enjoy the protection offered by our legal system being citizens of Germany, and we take no issue with the government having a monopoly on the use of force as long as our police abides by the law, respects human rights, and as long as it is free from political influence.

However, history has shown that governmental bodies frequently transgress or altogether flout law and order themselves, abusing the powers they have been entrusted with. There have been more than a few instances, as was also confirmed by the courts in retrospect, where citizens’ basic rights have been violated.

Our mission at

Protecting freedom of opinion, privacy and digital freedom

It’s not just since the NSA scandal that our democracy has been under threat from excessive state surveillance, which deeply interferes with human rights and the basic presumption of innocence that our legal system is based on.

Our providers and are more than just technologically-oriented providers; they create secure communication spaces, protecting freedom of speech and opinions and restoring our natural right to unmonitored, private communications. At the same time, of course, they provide all the amenities the Internet has to offer today.