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We are working hard to ensure that whenever our users have a question or experience a problem, they can be helped quickly.


For answers to frequently asked questions and advice on common issues, please consult the help section on our website. This has a comprehensive FAQ and knowledge base that contains tried and tested solutions to many problems. For example, issues around account setup, configuration, and synchronisation, as well as password security and e-mail encryption are covered here.

User forum:

We would encourage you to also engage with the user forum. This is the place where our users help each other. The user forum has a whole range of subjects covered and contains posts with tips and tricks on many individual problems.
Simply use your e-mail address and password to log in to the user forum.


Please use the web interface for direct questions to our support team. After logging in with your e-mail address and password, you can instantly use the knowledge base to research your problem. There is also a dedicated contact form for requesting assistance from our technical support team.

If you have forgotten your password or cannot log in to the web interface for any other reason, send us an e-mail to

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(1) You are a user and have a question about how to set up e-mail or any other of our services:

If you are experiencing problems, please consult our FAQ and Work in Progress pages first. Often, other users will have had the same problem before, and a solution is already available and described on those pages.

(2) You are a journalist, editor, or other member of the press:

For access to press material or requests for information / interviews, please visit the dedicated press area on our website. Many relevant data, documents, press releases, etc. are available for direct download. If you would like to get in touch by e-mail or phone, you can find the details of our press contacts there as well.

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