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Daniel Gultsch, creator of “Conversations”, visits

Our XMPP chat service has been around for a while and its age is now showing, as support for some features is missing our out of date. Who better to ask for advice than Daniel Gultsch, creator of the popular XMPP app „Conversations“, which incidentally, is being widely used by our own team here at […]

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Maintenance work on the database cluster on August, 14th

Dear customers, Starting Tuesday 10 p.m. CET our team will make extensive changes to our database cluster in order to support the new Open-Xchange Version 7.10. These changes will result in a temporary inaccessibility of our webmailer, user-forum and ActiveSync. This will last for about 3 hours. Sending and receiving e-mails via IMAP and SMTP should work […]

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PGP-Exploit EFAIL discovered – Guard appears unaffected though

A research team around Professor Sebastian Schinzel from the University of Applied Sciences in Münster, Germany, has announced that they are going to go public with details about a newly discovered vulnerability in PGP on Tuesday this week. This discovery could cause ripples across the Internet, as many modern communication services depend on the asymmetric […]

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We are introducing a new helpdesk system to improve our customer support

It was nine months ago that we started the process of introducing a new software system for our support team. Many parameters and details needed considering and adjusting to ensure a seamless transition from the old to the new. Now, we are very pleased to announce the upcoming launch of our brand-new support ticketing system [...]
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Technical infrastructure update: is now accepting IPv6-based connections

Executive summary: The admin team has been working hard to improve our infrastructure, with the result that our server systems now accept connections via the latest version of the internet protocol IPv6. Customers who use devices that support IPv6 will benefit from connections that get established quicker and show improved latency. now offers [...]
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