now offers secure family accounts featuring shared calendars, contacts, tasks, and files

Finally! We are happy to announce that starting from today, customers have access to our new family account which offers a range of exciting new features. Users with family accounts may form groups to easily share calendars, contacts, files, or task lists with each other. Despite the name, it is not just for families: We are confident that groups of friends, or students living in shared accommodation will find the new features very useful as well.

In the past, we were frequently contacted by customers inquiring about the availability of basic groupware functionality. We realized there was huge demand for shared calendars, with which family members wanted to organize their daily schedules, for example. Other items on our customers’ wish list included shared address books, task lists, and file storage. We introduced  family accounts to meet this demand and provide an attractive, easy-to-use alternative to other services which may have similar functionality but lack the level of data protection we can offer.

To benefit from the new features, users require at least the „Mail XL“ package which costs 2,50 Euro per account and month. This tariff includes 5 GB e-mail storage and 100MB file storage space, as well as access to online text processing software. In addition, users may create up to 25 e-mail aliases per account and integrate e-mail addresses from personal internet domains.

New customers can instantly set up and use their family accounts after obtaining any eligible e-mail package. Existing customers should get in touch with our technical support who will be happy to help them enable the new features.


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Because of licensing restrictions there is currently a limit of 10 users that can be member of any one group. Family accounts are available to home users only. A similar product offering group accounts for businesses is in preparation, to be rolled out by the end of the year.