enables new features on the web interface

Over the past few days, we have updated the web application. As a result, there are now some new features and a number of improvements at the interface level available to our customers. Tabs for your webmail inbox Alternative handling of large e-mail attachments (Drive-Mail) Export and conversion of files into PDF Improved e-mail usability New CalDAV and CardDAV app for Android systems Tabs for your webmail inbox It is now possible to group e-mails in the inbox according to different categories and have them displayed together – many will know this feature from services like Gmail. offers up to five tabs for this: General, Social, Purchase, Newsletters, and Favorites. The last two can be renamed. Any existing or new filter rules can be used to allocate incoming e-mails to the different categories. The new webmail tabs can be enabled via Settings -> Email (scroll down) -> Inbox Tabs. See the FAQ for more details. Alternative  handling of large e-mail attachments (Drive-Mail) stands out from the crowd by allowing e-mail attachments of up to 100MB size. However, sending large attachments can be problematic if the recipients do not have sufficient storage space in their own inbox. For this reason, we are offering an alternative way of transmitting (even) large(r) files. When composing an e-mail, users can choose the option „Drive-Mail“. Attachments will then be moved to the Drive area and a download link automatically embedded into the current e-mail. Before making use of this option, users should make sure they have sufficient storage space on their Drive to accommodate the attachments. A validity duration for the link can be specified, as well as a password for protecting access. Any e-mails residing  in the ‘Sent’ folder that had their large attachments handled this way will be marked up with a „cloud“ symbol. See the FAQ for more details.   Export and conversion of files into PDF Visit the file menu of the text processing or spread sheet software in your Office to find a new option that allows direct PDF export of these kinds of documents.   Improved mail usability When composing an e-mail, a simple click  on „TO“, „CC“, or „BCC“ will open a pop-up window that allows selecting recipients from the address book contacts. Further, filter rules can now be created directly in the e-mail overview page.